Proverbs 22: 6 (NLT)
Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

One year summery

Unbelievable, it's already one year ago when I arrived in Namibia with my fully packed car, after a 12 day adventerous journey from Uganda, via Tanzania and Zambia.

I am very excited about the progress during our first year:
(1) Several programs to help children in need were established, 
(2) our organisation is officially registered as Papa Ramon's HopeKids Children's Home, 
(3) our property was purchased and converted into a beautiful children's home and 
(4) many children in the Kunene region, far North in Namibia, enjoyed our care and support.

Here is our success story:

Children's home:

- we converted a small 3-room church guest house into a functional children's home (with dormitory room, kitchen, play area, teaching 'hall', etc.):

- we purchased a pension/small hotel and converted it into a beautiful children's home (relocation & expansion)
Our Paradise: final improvements

- we established a not for profit/charity organisation, registered in Namibia as: Papa Ramon's HopeKids Children's Home:

- we designed and published web sites (English and German versions):

HopeKids love their new home

Our organisation is officially registered

Preparing the dormitory rooms

Our children's home

Our paradise

Feeding programs:

- more than 1000 street kids per month were provided with food

- more than 200 refugee kids per month  received meals

- many children in remote villages enjoyed freshly cooked meals (including freshly slaughtered goats) during our outreach

- several families in need received food packages 

Providing meals for hungry village kids

Meals for street kids 

Waiting patiently for lunch -
street kids feeding program

Lunch serving in refugee settlements


- in several primary schools within the Kunene region

- in several churches in Northern Namibia

- more than 20 HopeKids in our children's home enjoyed daily bible stories, English lessons and educational trips

- hundreds of children every week during our daily children's ministry events

Overview teaching activities

School outreach

School outreach

HopeKids studying joyfully

HopeKids learning new things

Village outreach

Missionary activities:

-  we established Sunday school at the Church of the Nazarene

- we initiated a mid-week children's ministry event: Jesus party at the Church of the Nazarene

- we conducted outreach to many remotely located villages (children's ministry, bible studies, relationship building, singing & dancing, games & activities, etc.):

- we did prison ministry in Opuwo's custody: more than 300 inmates repented and accepted Jesus as their savior; 50 were baptized.

Jesus party: midweek children's ministry 

Sunday school

Outdoor Sunday school

Village outreach

Hurdels, bottlenecks, problems & issue

Obviously we didn't expect to come to Namibia and have a smooth ride with our attempt to help children in need. Establishing a children's home and private school to support the poor community was and still is indeed very challenging.

However, the opposition, jellousy and betrayal we encountered were shockingly strong. Corruption, blackmailing, backstabbing, lies, and threats were all things we faced.

Nevertheless, despite false accusations, fake reports to authorities, and massive attempts to stop our work - we succeeded. Many families of marginalized tribes are very thankful for our endurance and willingness to continue our work despite massive opposition.

Thank you!

All these accomplishments are impossible without your (prayer & financial) support. It is a very humbling experience to completely rely on God and His grace and your willingness to support our work to help children in need and share the Good News with them. Thank you for your trust in us!

Support us!

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