Psalm 78: 4 (NLT/HFA)
🇺🇸 We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders.
🇩🇪 Das wollen wir auch unseren Kindern nicht verschweigen. Jede Generation soll von Gottes mächtigen Taten hören, von allen Wundern, die der HERR vollbracht hat.

Our programs

(1) Our feeding programs

Many children are hungry - we are here to help!

More details about our Opuwo street kids feeding program and village support you can find here:

Opuwo street kids feeding program:

The greatest moment of our work is seeing fully satisfied children after a provided meal. 

Me, me, me: fill my bowl 

A long line of hungry kids

Waiting in line for dinner

This pot can fill many bellies!

Thank you Papa Ramon for feeding us daily!

Street kids waiting patiently for their lunch

Silverware optional!

Yummy food!

Thank you Papa Ramon for the great meal you cooked 

Little street kids having lunch

Special treat for a few street kids at a restaurant 

My first chicken finger and potato smilies!

Village support:

The greatest moment of our work is seeing fully satisfied children after a provided meal. 

Wow, this meal disappeared quickly 

Hungry bellies are getting filled

Today goat dinner: yummy 

It’s enough for everyone - seconds included!

Scooping rice with soup

(2) Our outreach programs

Many children are unreached  - we are here to help!

Games & fun:

We spent hours entertaining children and offer them an unforgettable day. 

Lots of games and fun activities during our outreach 

Himba girl with baby doll 

Who can transport water quickest?

Find the sweets in a bowl of flour 

Singing & dancing:

African children love to dance. Our music videos offer fun dance moves and makes everyone happy. 

Young and old are excitingly dancing 

Singing and dancing during outreach 

Dancing for young and old 

(3) Our children‘s home: HopeKids

Many children are in need - we are here to help!

Our HopeKids have found a new home, away from traditional harmful practices. They are indeed the HOPE for their tribes and will be the leaders of the next generation. 

Some of our HopeKids 
from the Ovahimba and Ovazemba tribes

It’s coloring time!

Ice cream break

Cooking time

(4) Our support for churches & schools 

Many institutions dealing with children ask for support  - we are here to help!

Devotion times in schools and church events like Sunday school and midweek children‘s ministry (Jesus parties) are frequently conducted. Sharing the gospel with unreached children is our highest priority. 

Churches: Sundays school & Jesus parties

It is a great privilege to share God’s word with children!

Open air Sunday school
at Ondjerera Church of the Nazarene

Teaching about crucifixion 
Sundays school in Ondjerera Church of the Nazarene

Sunday school: singing and dancing
at Church of the Nazarene Opuwo

Clap your hands and jump!

A nice crowd listening to bible stories
Crowded house: mid week Jesus party!

It‘s Jesus party time: 
mid week children‘s ministry program 

Waiting in line excitingly for Sunday school

Crowded house: Sunday school

Let’s sing & dance: Jesus party 

Church of the Nazarene Opuwo: full house

Bible story time for street kids

Schools: Devotion time

It is a great privilege to share God’s word with children!

Children’s ministry in Ohayuuwa school

Singing & dancing at Ohayuuwa school 

Samaritan purse gift box distribution at Orue school

Many toys and gifts are unwrapped

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