Proverbs 22: 6 (NLT)
Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Our programs

We came to Namibia to help children in need 

Different programs are used to provide children from marginalized, traditional tribes (i.e., Ovahimba, Ovazemba, Hakaona, Herero) in the Kunene region in Northern Namibia's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:
  • Free school education in our HopeKids Christian Private School
  • Safe living place in Papa Ramon's HopeKids Children Home 
  • Filled bellies in their starving environment
  • Spiritual nourishment through devotion times and children's ministry events in schools and churches
  • Games & fun, love & security, educational trips & new friendships in a multi-cultural environment 

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(1) Our feeding programs

Many children are hungry - we are here to help!

A) Opuwo street kids feeding program:

Almost every day we distribute food to hungy children. Either out of the car window for Opuwo's street kids or with big pots in Opuwo's poorest/refugee communities. As soon as our Landcruiser shows up many children approach us quickly, shouting 'Papa Ramon' and wave to get our attention.

The greatest moment of our work is seeing fully satisfied children after a provided meal. 

Me, me, me: fill my plate!

A long line of hungry kids

Waiting in line for dinner

This pot can fill many bellies!

Thank you Papa Ramon
for feeding us daily!

Street kids waiting patiently
for their lunch

Silverware optional!

Yummy food!

Thank you Papa Ramon for the great meal you cooked 

Little street kids having lunch

Special treat for a few street kids
at a local restaurant 

My first chicken fingers
and potato smilies! 

More details about our Opuwo's street kids and refugees feeding program and village support you can find here!

B) Village kids feeding program:

Several times a month we are driving to remote villages to take care of hungry children. We arrive with everything we need to prepare a meal; only the goat is purchased and slaughtered on site (Do you want to sponsor a goat? With $50 you will make many hungry kids happy).

The greatest moment of our work is seeing smiling children after meal time. 

Wow, this meal disappeared quickly 

Hungry bellies are getting filled

Today goat dinner: yummy 

It’s enough for everyone
- seconds included!

Scooping rice and soup

(2) Our village outreach program

Many children are unreached and don't know Jesus  - we are here to change this!

A) Games & fun:

We spent hours entertaining children with games and fun activities and provide them with an unforgettable day. 

Lots of games and fun activities during our outreach 

Himba girl with baby doll 

Who can transport water quickest?

Find the sweets in a bowl of flour

Tug of war: Himba women compete excitingly 

More details about our outreach program to remote villages you can find here!

B) Singing & dancing:

African children love to dance. Our music videos offer fun dance moves and make everyone happy. 

Young and old are excitingly dancing 

Singing and dancing during outreach 

Dancing for young and old 

Young and old: everyone has a good time

3) Our children‘s home: HopeKids

Many children are in need - we are here to help!

Our HopeKids program is for children from remote villages without an opportunity of school education (no school on site or parents refuse to send their children to school).
Our HopeKids have found a new home, away from traditional harmful practices. They are indeed the HOPE for their tribes and will be the leaders of the next generation. 

More details about our HopeKids program you can find here!

Some of our HopeKids 
from the Ovahimba and Ovazemba tribes

It’s coloring time!

Ice cream break

Cooking time

(4) Our support for churches & schools 

Many institutions dealing with children ask for support  - we are here to help!

Devotion times in schools and church events like Sunday school and midweek children‘s ministry (Jesus parties) are frequently conducted. Sharing the gospel with unreached children is our highest priority. 

More details about our church & school support you can find here!

A) Churches: Sundays school & Jesus parties

It is a great privilege to share God’s word with children!

Open air Sunday school
at Ondjerera Church of the Nazarene

Teaching about crucifixion 
Sundays school in Ondjerera Church of the Nazarene

Sunday school: singing and dancing
at Church of the Nazarene Opuwo

Clap your hands and jump!

A nice crowd listening to bible stories
Crowded house: mid week Jesus party!

It‘s Jesus party time: 
mid week children‘s ministry program 

Waiting in line excitingly for Sunday school

Crowded house: Sunday school

Let’s sing & dance: Jesus party 

Church of the Nazarene Opuwo: full house

Bible story time for street kids

B) Schools: Devotion time

It is a great privilege to share God’s word with children!

Children’s ministry in Ohayuuwa school

Singing & dancing at Ohayuuwa school 

Samaritan purse gift box distribution at Orue school

Many toys and gifts are unwrapped

Thank you for your support, allowing us to provide our HopeKids with a unique and unexpected opportunity in their lives. 

Here are more ways to help:

Donations for:
  • Papa Ramon's Children's Home 
  • Papa Ramon's Private School
  • Feeding program for street kids and refugees
  • Village outreach
  • School and church support 

  • a child in need
  • a kid without access to school education
  • a child exposed to harmful traditional rituals
  • a child in need of your help and support

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