Proverbs 22: 6 (NLT)
Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Insight into our Children‘s Home

Eight children staying in our Papa Ramon‘s Children‘s Home (April 2022). They are from the Ovahimba and Ovazemba tribes. Others will be added hopefully soon.

Some of these kids are visiting children to evaluate if they fit into our program. After one week they will return to their families and we decide together if they will become permanent HopeKids at our Children’s Home

Daily exam reveal the potential of every child to master our demanding teaching program and to learn and accept many new rules.

Lots of fun activities and games disclose social behavior, learning capability, eye-hand coordination, physical fitness, etc. 

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Happiness after coloring Easter eggs

Coloring Easter eggs - strange tradition, but fun!

We are learning about numbers today. 

HopeKids enjoying life

Dinner time with our two children's supervisors

There are always lots of things to do and our HopeKids are excited to help with different tasks:
- carrying & unpacking boxes
- sorting through hundreds of toys, games, clothes, etc.
- getting dormitory rooms #2 and #3 ready
- equipping play room
- removing weeds in our compound 
- planting a herb garden
- doing laundry (with a washer it’s an easy task)

Early morning helpers 
enjoying the warming morning sun

Little helpers are excited about the new toy boxes


Preparing a little herb garden

Two months later:
harvest time for basil & parsley 

Kids learn quickly how to keep their rooms in order

Showered, dressed for bed: ready for movie night!

It’s coloring time!

HopeKids enjoy their new lives in Papa Ramon‘s Children‘s Home and are awaiting eagerly the official start of our Private School.

Thank you for your support, allowing us to provide our HopeKids with a unique & unexpected opportunity in their lives. 

Here are more ways to help:

Donations for:
  • Papa Ramon's Children's Home 
  • Papa Ramon's Private School
  • Feeding program for street kids & refugees
  • Village outreach
  • School & church support 

  • a child in need
  • a kid without access to school education
  • a child exposed to harmful traditional rituals
  • a child in need of your help & support

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