Proverbs 22: 6 (NLT)
Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Our paradise

Last month we have made some major improvements to our children‘s home providing our HopeKids an even better environment to grow up safely with a great opportunity to learn many new things in their lives. 

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Ready to swing?

Wind chime, water fountain, shade,
what else do you need?

Ring toss game

Water fountain in our courtyard

One of our dormitory rooms

African artifacts and
Noah‘s ark display 

A great place in our courtyard to hang out

Dormitory room decoration:
Next step adding animals 

Thirsty? Our drinking water station 

Noah’s ark display: a great way to teach animal names

Books, gifts, toys, school material: 
everything to make a child happy

Our dormitory/play room for the little ones

Bunkbed with slide and play area 

Play mat for playing time with all our toys and games

Table and chair set for our little ones

Many games and crafts are available for hours of fun

Many games to choose from for our HopeKids

What a different lifestyle for our HopeKids in Papa Ramon's Children's Home compared to their prior village lives. Especially, access to school education, which is usually lacking where they come from, gives them a unique and unexpected opportunity in their new lives.  

As shocking and overwhelming as it has to be for the kids with sudden access to hot water shower, toilet, bed, four meals a day, and school access we try to maintain some traditions. Our HopeKids keep their traditional hairstyles and dress code; even our school uniforms are adjusted to their traditional style. Parents are very appreciative of that.

Thank you for your support, allowing us to provide our HopeKids with a unique and unexpected opportunity in their lives. 

Here are more ways to help:

  • Papa Ramon's Children's Home 
  • Papa Ramon's Private School
  • Feeding program for street kids and refugees
  • Village outreach
  • School and church support 

  • a child in need
  • a kid without access to school education
  • a child exposed to harmful traditional rituals
  • a child in need of your help and support

More information about our work in Namibia can you find here:

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