Proverbs 22: 6 (NLT)
Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Feeding program for street kids

In Opuwo‘s streets lots of hungry kids, forced by their families to sell daily fire wood, eggs or fat cakes to survive. Some NGO‘s (non-government organizations), as well as the hospital provide during the week lunch for these kids. However, a few months ago these important programs stopped (except the hospital).  

We started in February a feeding program for kids from marginalized tribes in the Kunene region (i.e., Hakaona, Ovazemba, etc.). Initially, food items like apples, bananas, toast bread with Polony, hard-boiled eggs, cookies, fat cakes were handed out on Opuwo‘s streets to the hungry children. 

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Hungry street kids receive their food ration

Toast bread and hard-boiled eggs, today‘s snack

Thank you Papa Ramon for the food!

Hakaona tribe kids lining up to receive some food

Then, invitations went out for a full meal. On the menu was rice, vegetables and chicken or macaroni with minced beef, or potatoes with Polony followed by desert (i.e., apples or fat cakes). 

Guten Appetit!

Little kids enjoy their meal

The table is set

Let’s pray before we start eating!

Ovazemba girls enjoy their snack

Volunteers helping preparing lunch

Cutleries optional 

So, every morning around 11:00 flocks of traditionally-dressed children were entertained with games and activities, singing and dancing, and a bible story followed by lunch. 

Groups are competing in funny water games

Who can fill the water bottle first?

Faster, faster, faster, without splashing too much!

Lots of toys to play with

Boys and girls enjoy the play time

After a 2-hour program satisfied children continued with a filled belly their daily ‚selling for survival‘ activities - looking forward to come back again for food for ‚body and soul‘ the next day, 7 days a week.  

Outreach: In addition, we continued our outreaches into Opuwo‘s outskirts as well as remote villages. A whole day program with games like egg race, wheelbarrow race, tug of war, etc.; lots of singing and dancing, teaching time with a bible story and meals are offered followed by a movie night (big screen on the car) with Popcorn. See our special blog!

Donations: If you want to support our effort to provide urgent help for Opuwo‘s street kids please consider a financial contribution and donate here to keep our feeding program running. 

Current expenses: 

  • Daily: N$350 (Namibian dollar) = $22 (US dollar) = 20€ are needed to satisfy the 50 to 80 children 
  • Monthly: N$10,000 = $700 = 600€

Thank you for your support!

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