Proverbs 22: 6 (NLT)
Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Outreach in remote villages

The highlight of the month is our outreach to remotely located villages. You never know what to expect.

First stop is usually the village chief or headman. Once approval for our planned program is obtained toys and games are unpacked and children show up from every corner. 

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1) Games & activities: Playing frisbee is a great ice breaker. Often parents and other curious grown-ups join the crowd and participate excitedly in the games offered, from tug of war to Kubbs, from wheelbarrow race to egg run.

Find the lollipop - great game to teach: follow instructions!

Tug of war

Tug of war

Digging in bowl of flour for sweets,
without use of hands

Follow instructions - find the sweets

Follow instructions to find the sweets

Musical chair game

Wheelbarrow race

Water race: who fills the container fastest?

Wheelbarrow race

2) Singing & dancing: Fun activities are followed by singing and dancing time. Lutheran Church of Hope's vacation bible school (VBS) songs are used to excite children and to teach them important Bible verses/stories. Accompanying dance moves are a fun way to release some energy and young and old are participating with a big smile in their faces, exposing their white teeth.

Team up and dance

Dancing in pairs

Clap your hands 

Kids and grown-ups enjoying our music

Ovahimba ladies showing off with their traditional dance

3) Sharing the gospel: We conclude our day program with a bible story teaching time. Stories from the Bible are used to teach children important things like good social behaviors, from sharing and loving your neighbor to not stealing, lying and not being jealous. Introducing Jesus to unreached children is an important task during our outreach.

4) Feeding the hungry: Before we start our evening program we share a meal. Usually we bring rice and soup, occasionally frozen chicken, and maize meal (for porridge). 

Our provided food disappears quickly 

Standing in line to get a meal 

Patiently waiting for food 

Hungry children waiting for their food

Sharing a meal

Sharing a meal

Many hungry bellies need to be filled 

Popcorn is always a good transition to our movie night. My initial concern that the pot lid was missing was quickly dismissed. Super fun event watching the kids in heavy rain shower picking up the popping kernels from the ground. 

5) Movie night: Once the sun set we start our evening program with some singing and dancing, a summary of the Bible story we have heard earlier, followed by a movie. We are using a big screen fixed with magnets onto our Landcruiser.

Preparation for our movie night 

Let’s sing & dance 

Jesus party time!!!

Clap your hands!

Our night accomodation adjacent to the village 

Often after our movie ends children start performing their traditional dances. Interestingly, most villages we have visited seem to have their own dancing style and songs.

The next morning we are heading to another village to start our outreach program all over again. 

It is a great privilege for us to share the gospel with these unreached people groups and to entertain their kids in need and offer support through food & school education.  

Thank you for your support, allowing us to provide our HopeKids with a unique and unexpected opportunity in their lives. 

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